Good thing we won,t stay there for long:Rio Olympics in a bad shape

August 06 :2016 05:30pm By Fayaz Ahmad , World News (154)

BRAZIL--( fans have branded theRio Games the Worst Olympics ever amid safety concerns regarding their athletes.

Polluted water ,collapsing structures and an unfinished Olympic village are just some of the complaints levelled at the organisers.On Sunday Chinese athletes were even forced to fit their own shower curtain upon arriving at their accommodation ,and they are far from the only ones concerned.

Team GB appointed a plumber to stay with them in the Olympic village amid fears over the quality of their accommondation in Rio.

The block in which British athletes are staying has had problems with blocked toilets and leaking pipes, which have been resolved.

Australian athletes have refused to move into their rooms due to the issues,while Arfentina found their accommodation in such a state they suspected ssabotage.

Local workmen completed the Team GB block after unfinished electrics and plumbing were discovered,but athletes have made no complaints.

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