Save the Children-funded hospital for prenant women bombed in Syria

July 31 :2016 12:15am By Fayaz Ahmad , World News (145)


BEIRUT --( maternity hospital supported by Save the Children was bombed Friday in an air raid in Syria,s northwestern idlib province.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human Rights a jihadist from Al-nusra Fornt, which has changed its name to jabhat Fateh Al -sham , was killed in the raid.

It said the bomb hit the entrance to the hospital,

The statement said , This is the only hospital specialising in maternity and children in the northern western side of rural idlib,

Alun McDnald, Save the children regional media manger, said in a separate statement ,there are initial reports of any casualties among patients and staff, although numbers are thus far unconfirmed,

The bombing came a day after the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, Al-nusra Front, stated it was breaking ties with the global terror network and switching its name to jabhat fateh al sham .

Save the children said the hospital is the biggest maternity facility in the country, servicing over 1300 women monthly and delivering up to 700 babies each month

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