Metallica Rihanna to headline ant-poverty concert

Metallica Rihanna to headline ant-poverty concert

July 27:2016/ 09 :50am By Fayaz Ahmad ,Entertainments (55)

NEW York --(Geoswat)-- Heavy metal greats Metallica and pop superstar Rihana will headline the latest Global citzen Festival, which will mobilize fans to fight the world,s most extreme proverty,

The Festival,to take place on September 24 in New york,s Central park. :Sells: tickets based on actions taken such as social media postings and letters to promote development goals.

The fifth edition of the festival will feature metallica in one of only a handful of 2016 shows by the pioneering thrash metal band, although expectations are building that the group will release a new album within the year.

Rihanna ,one of the most successful contemporary pop singers, will play the Gobal Citizen Festival weeks after she is scheduled to complete her "Anti"global tour.

Other headliners will include pop sensation Selena Gomez as well as major lazer, the crowd-pleasing electroic outfit whose"Lean on "is the most streamed song ever on spotify.

Rounding off the headliners will be kendrick Lamar, the interopective and socially conscious rapper whose 2015 "To pimp a Butterfly" has quickly enteed the hip-hop canon.

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