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Country music legend Merle Haggard dead at 79

April 07 , 2016

Country musician Merle Haggard ,who emerged from prison to become the poetic voice of the working man with hits such as "Mama Tried"and "If We make it through December"died on Wednesday, his 79th birthday,said manager Frank mull.

The country legend had canceled all his concerts for the month of April due to illness.

Haggard,s repertoire included songs with traditional country music themes such as drinking and heartache but he also infused them with more insight and tenderness than most honky-tonkers.

He also broadened the genre by writing about poverty , loneliness and social issues.Haggard once said he preferred playing gitar to singing but it was his voice hat made him stand out.

"Haggard,s exceptionally true intonation, his command of varied vocal textures and his insinuation phrasing would make him a superior vocalist in any idiom,"The New York Times said of Haggard in his prime.

"Like Muddy Waters in the blues field and only a handful of other performers,he both embodies and transends his rich American musical heritage."

Haggard,s sound drew from traditional country but also touched on folk,pop ,jazz.blues and rock and his songs were covered by the likes of the Grateful Dead,Elvis Costello and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"I can,t remember when i haven,t listened to him :said Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

"Some of the best songs and best delivery you can, get"

Haggard was born April 6,1937 , near Bakersfiedld,California, the son of a couple who had been part tof the exodus from Oklahoma,s Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, Haggard,s father was a carpenter for a railroad and the family lived in a Converted Boxcar.

Haggard, who was 9 years old when his father died of a brain tumor, quit school in the eighth grade and began hopping freight trains, he also took up the guitar and petty crime and frequently was placed in and escaped from - juvenile reformatories.





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