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Sajjad Ali enthrals fans with new song

April 02 , 2016

Veteran artist Sajjad Ali, whose songs never fail to leave a mark on listeners, recently released his music video.Nakhun. that also features model Rabia Butt.Ali shared the news of his upcoming video,

Followed by the audio of hte song, in a facebook status that read "My new video is coming out ,but i m thinking let,s share the audio of the song with you today, itself"

The video features Ali and Butt in a melancholic mood, where the two appear to be in a state of confusion and have no idea which way to go ;either to part ways or stay together.the helplessness is evident on their face since the two love each other but fail to express.themselves.However , the final scenes of the video show them together, probably hinting at a union despite their differences.the video captures their emotions well and has been shot in a huge house where the two roam around from one place to another, Directed by Zaw Ali,Nakhun is composed ,written and produced by Ali himself.

Ali , who come to prominence with his song ,Banwari chakori, originally sung by Noor Jehan,has a series of super hit singles under his belt including Chief saab . Har Zulm and Tum Nazar ho.



Wonder Woman leads the fierce females of "Batman v Superman"April 2 ,2016
Wonder Woman leads the fierce females of "Batman v Superman"