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دنیا کا وہ انوکھا ترین قبیلہ جہاں خواتین اپنے جسم کو ڈھانپنے کیلئے کپڑے یا پتے نہیں پہنتیں بلکہ اس پر ایسی چیز لگاتی ہیں کہ جان کر دنیا حیران پریشان رہ جائے



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However, the woman gave a quite different account of the meeting she held with Mufti Qawi."Why would i ask for a meeting with him,.. in fact he had told me during Tv program that he would like to lay his eyes on my face before witnessing the moon of Ramazan,She said."He told me ,forget about imran khan as he is 65 and too old for mee,,, he said i am 50 years old and an age gap 25 years between us is not a big deal."Qandeel Baloch said.breaking out in laughter.Pakistan,s media watchdog has frequently issued show cause notices to Tv channels and imposed hefty fines for what it said violation of the code of conduct.